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Family Album


Samoyeds of Zima Who’s Who & Family Brags!

Shanticlaire the champion who started our Zima line. 
Ch. White Magic’s Shanticlaire, WM, ROMC, BISS, TDI, CGC, “Shanti”


Carrie Parma-Collier, Baby Farrah, & Sandy McDonough

Ch. White Magic’s Shalamar Sherie, AOM, CGC and Zima’s Chara – Jotaesn O’Wh Magic Shalli and daughter, Chara: which is the puppy? Chara means beloved one in Russian. Sire is Jasper.

“AKC has a program called “Meet the Breeds” to let people get closer to our dogs and learn more about them.  We had a Meet the Breeds in conjunction with the Greenwich (CT) Kennel Club meet in June 2010.  Zima’s Porosha (Powder) of White Magic was the sole representative of the breed.  She charmed a family who had Siberians but will change to Sammies very soon.  Powder just won them over.”

Loki & Luna​

Willow & Zoe
Apollo & Caspian
Duke & Koko
Loma & Takoda

Bergen, Comet, Dax, Koda, Rhody, Tonta & Vigo born 5/20/20

Ch. White Magic's King of the Ring x Ch. Zima's Cheszka of White Magic this is the Mufasa x Flurry litter born 12/18/2009, 3 Girls & 3 Boys.

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