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“Snow White and daughter, Lora, all ready for Easter, 1962”

Brother Steve loved Snow White

Monica and Anya with Nyshchi.

    My first Sammy arrived in 1947 and was named Snow White (above and middle). My brother, Steve, loved Snow White. Our neighborhood was full of Sammies. It was glorious to watch them run free through the flower beds, tossing their heads and laughing all the time!  Many Sammies followed including a huge rescue from Vermont. Socko looked like an Irish Wolfhound when we flew up to get him – several baths later and a Sammy emerged. Badly abused he took months to get used to Nyshchi (Beggar). What wonderful friends they became.Some years and Sammies followed and I decided to return to breeding. In 2000 I met Carrie Collier, founder of White Magic Samoyeds. 

I adopted Ch. White Magic’s Shalamar Sherie, CGC from Patty McCallum, Carrie’s then partner. Carrie determined prissy, smallish Shalli needed a big, strong male as a mate. So Zima’s first litter was Ch. White Magic’s Shanticlaire, WM, ROMC, BISS, TDI, CGC  x Ch. White Magic’s Shalamar Sherie, “Shalli”, CGC.

Four more litters followed, one more with Shanti and three with Jasper. Shalli has retired to the role of doting grandmother and life coach (or is that couch) and then we went to other sires and dams.




Zima's Russian Vocabulary

Borei means north wind. (Windy)   

Chara means  beloved one.  (Chara)

Cheszka means snow flurry. (Flurry)

Feya means fairy. (Feya)

Kokoc means coco. (Koko)

Laika means dog, and is the name of the first Russian dog in space. (Zoe)

Lomachenko is for Vasyl Lomachenko, a twice gold medal Olympic boxer from Ukraine. (Loma)

Luna means moon. (Luna) 

Noho means hunter in Nenet, the language of the nomadic Samoyed people. (Caspian)

  Porosha means powdery snow. (Powder)

Tal’nik means Willow. (Willow)

Vissolka means  icicle. (Ice) 

Zanoss means snow flurry. (Apollo)

Zarnitza means summer lightning. (Lightning) 

Zhertzog means duke. (Duke)

Zima means winter.

Zvezda means star. (Loki)

Other than Russian

Pasha is Turkish term of respect for high ranking military person. (Takoda )

You don’t have to go through your life struggles alone. Reach out today and snuggle a Samoyed!

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