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Puppy Diary

Nursery Puppy Chronicles

Entry 1 ~ The Family Arrives ~ Day 1 ~ 12/18/2009

The Ch. White Magic’s King of the Ring x Ch. Zima’s Cheszka of White Magic family litter arrives December 18, 2009.

Three Boys and three Girls cry, “What’s for lunch, Mom!”

Mother Flurry’s new fast food restaurant. Pups eat and are finished in 5 minutes flat!

Entry 2 ~ Flurry's Fast Food Dinner ~ Day 9 ~ 12/27/2009

Update Week 1 ~ To my Sammy friends & potential buyers:

The puppies finally look more like dogs than rats!  Flurry is a happy mom and has her own mother (Shalli) and daughter (Powder) here to help. So far the only help is from the side lines.

Some are under contract so if you are interested in a puppy, please let me know, I will send a contract…Sandy

Entry 3 ~ This Course Sitting Pretty Day 9 ~12/27/2009

Puppies are nine days old and their nose color is coming in nicely.  They still move like seals – perhaps hind legs will become the choice of locomotion tomorrow.  They are eating like little piggies.

Entry 4 ~ "Let Me Out of Here!".... Flurry ~ End of Day 9 ~12/27/2009

A picture is worth a thousand words, better yet a million Sammy puppy kisses!

Entry 5 ~ Nothing Really Sticks to a Sammy Coat ~ Day 23 ~ 1/10/2010

My colored marks on each with permanent Sharpies have all worn off.  So much for permanent!  This is, though, a testament to the smooth Sammy coat – nothing really sticks.  You will like this aspect as mud will come off just as easily.

These photos would be better, if I’d had an additional pair of hands. I have an older digital camera and the puppies move before the shutter.

Entry 6 ~ Flurry, Queen of Sheba - Day 23 - 1/1-/2010

Until last Sunday, Powder had been lady-in-waiting, wanting to help Flurry with the puppies.  Last Sunday Flurry lay on the floor outside the whelping box as if she were the Queen of Sheba.  Flurry let Powder clean up and stimulate all six puppies.  When Powder was done, Flurry stepped in to feed the kids.  Poor Powder thought she would get to do that, too.

Entry 7 ~ Puppies are Now Trilling and Chuffing~ Day 30 ~ 1/17/2010

Puppies are now trilling and chuffing.  They are sounds I can’t describe but just heart warming.  Puppies cry themselves to sleep sometimes.  As I pick them up and stroke them, they relax in my hands and doze off.  Puppies are actually able to stay up on all legs and are walking better now.  They scamper to the food but do fall after 8-10 steps. Puppies still sleep 22 hours a day.  When awake, they sit and look around.  Eyes are almost completely open but focus is still a work in progress.  They have all gained more than a pound since last week.  No wonder: Flurry is eating 6-7 times a day and double her usual amount at each meal.

Entry 8 ~ I Couldn't Stop Laughing ~ Day 30 ~ 1/17/2010

I had to put this fuzzy photo of puppy in this week’s newsletter.  Right after I snapped it with my cell phone, he/she fell over! I couldn’t stop laughing.

Entry 9 ~ Lots of Walking This Week, Eyes Seem to Focus ~ Day 30 ~ 1/17/2010​

Lots of walking this week.  Eyes seem to focus well and the boxing matches have started.  I start them on real food this evening – baby rice cereal tonight and transitioning to puppy food in a few days.  They are so hungry when Flurry goes in the box that she and I cooperate:  I hold the puppies back while she gets positioned in the box.  Works well.  They empty her in less than five minutes.  And it’s off to food for Flurry.  Three to four hours later, it’s done all over again.  You can see how little room there is for six puppies to eat at one sitting (laying) ?

Entry 10 ~ They doubled in size! ~ Day 30 ~ 1/17/2010 ​

Although some puppies continue to trill, barking is the current vocalization.  Very funny because a hearty bark sends the puppy backwards head over heels. 

Next weekend, January 23/24, people may visit puppies.  Visits can’t be too long as puppies sleep a lot.  Please let me know if you will visit and when.  People with contracts get priority!


Entry 11~The First Puppy to Escape was found by Powder! ~ Day 30 ~ 1/17 /2010

The puppies are really mobile now.  Getting out of the puppy box and all over my den floor.  The first puppy to escape was found by Powder, the nine month old.  Powder freaked out!  She started barking and bouncing all around.  I was working on my laptop and ignored her.  That didn’t work!  I finally looked over her and found the escapee.  Puppy was frightened and welcomed being picked up and put back in the box.

Entry 12 ~ A First! Pups eating from the Sombrero! ~ Day 30 ~ 1/17 /2010

The pups ate their first meal from the “sombrero”, puppy dish.
They all have big teeth.  Flurry nurses reluctantly. 

Pups cut teeth through gums on Wednesday. 

Full fangs by yesterday.  No more trilling.  No more puppy bologna breath.


Entry 13 ~ A Fun weekend with loving visitors to lick. ~ Day 37 ~1/24 /2010

All six at attention for a photo shoot, looking at the photographer.

Visits began yesterday.  One family is adding “Blizzard”, an already named boy, to their Meadow, a 2008 Jasper x Shalli girl.  Other visitors already have a boy from Carrie, my co-breeder. A family is a family!

Folks came from Long Island to look at their future boy.  And we had other visitors, too.


Carrie has looked at all the puppies to see which shall be “pick of the litter” for showing but it’s too early to designate yet.  We are looking for someone who would co-own Pick Puppy with us: puppy would live with them and would be shown by Carrie to championship and maybe beyond.  Co-ownership price is the same as outright pet ($1800).  Pick Puppy outright is $2400.  Details available.

Entry 14 ~ Samoyed Puppy Condo Move In Day! ~ Day 37 ~ 1/24 /2010

The puppies moved into their condo – a combination of the original whelping box and a puppy playpen so puppies have more room to play.  They have started “stairs” and several puppies leap down into the lower level. 

Entry 15 ~ Flurry Still Providing Nourishment! ~ Day 37 ~ 1/24 /2010

Flurry is still a source of nourishment and I have joined her as a provider. 

Entry 16 ~ Meals are taken from the Sombrero! ~ Day 37 ~ 1/24 /2010

Meals are shared and enjoyed from the sombrero.

Entry 17 ~ "Grammy Shalli, where is the food ?" ~ Day 37 ~ 1/24 /2010

Gram Shalli is a disappointment!

Entry 18 ~ Samoyed Puppy Playpen ~ Day 37 ~ 1/24 /2010

The puppies moved into their condo – a combination of the original whelping box and a puppy playpen so puppies have more room to play.  They have started “stairs” and several puppies leap down into the lower level.

Entry 19 ~ Pink Boy is Camera Shy! ~ Day 44 ~ 1/31/2010

Pink Boy six weeks old  “Not to Happy” about getting his picture taken full face.

Entry 20 ~ Big Blaze Girl at Six Weeks! ~ Day 44 ~ 1/31/2010

Entry 21 ~Little Blaze Girl at Six Weeks! ~ Day 44 ~ 1/31/2010

Entry 22 ~ Dot at Six Weeks! ~ Day 44 ~ 1/31/2010

Entry 25 ~ Personalities Beginning to Show! ~ Day 44 ~ 1/31/2010

Six weeks old!  And real personalities are beginning to show.  I won’t tell you which one is the daily barker – as it changes every day!  Puppies are still in the process of trying various vocalizations and thankfully they have gotten beyond the blood curdling screams.

They are down to two meals a day, supplemented from time to

time by Flurry.  She isn’t really anxious to feed but does her mommy duty.  They are eating Taste of the Wild bison and elk,softened and mashed.  It was blenderized when they were younger.  The transition to real kibble happens over the next week and a half.

It’s been so cold that I haven’t let them out on the deck yet.  I hope we have a warm spell soon.  18 degrees F is a bit cold for little ones.

The photos are identified by names this week.  I gave up, again, trying to mark them with permanent ink.  Sharpies need to learn about Samoyed coats!

Carrie and I hope to have a formal photo shoot with famed photographer Jerry Blank next week. Only two girls left! 


Entry 26 ~ Three Prospective Puppy Owners ~ Day 47 ~ 2/2/2010

“Prospective owners try out all the puppies!”

Entry 27 ~ How Do We Look? ~ Day 49 ~ 2/4/2010

How do we look?

Entry 28 ~ We Look Fine! ~ Day 49 ~ 2/4/2010

We Look Fine!

Entry 29 ~ 4 AM... "Where's the Food!" ~ Day 51 ~ 2/7/2010

“The puppies continue to grow.  They are eating lots of food and transitioning still to kibble.  When the food dish is put down, they attack it – and end up eating and swirling around the dish.  They are like PacMan, all eating on one direction, creating a swirl.

Then, again, they get hungry, too, when I think it’s still time to sleep.  Here is a picture taken at 4:00 this Sunday morning.  They are on two meals a day – but a puppy day is not a human day!

Entry 30 ~ All Present and Accounted For! ~ Day 51 ~ 2/7/2010

Tuesday morning I found all the dog toys in the puppy pen. Only the big dogs could have moved them!  What a generous gift from Shalli, Flurry and/or Powder!


The pups were all microchipped and health checked this week.  Eyes on this coming Wednesday unless the forecast snowstorm is like the one which really pounded the Mid-Atlantic coast Friday and Saturday.  And then to our wonderful photographer on Thursday.”

Entry 31 ~ Little Blaze at Seven Weeks! ~ Day 51 ~ 2/7/2010

Entry 32 ~ Huggy Boy Seven Weeks! ~ Day 53 ~ 2/9/2010

Entry 33 ~ Ok Kids This is Snow! ~ Day 54 ~ 2/10/2010

Today was supposed to be a blizzard with 10-16″ of snow.  By late afternoon, puppies needed something to do – so into the snow it was.  I tried to get photos of them eating snow but my camera lens is very slow.  They knew exactly what to do!  How much fun they had leaping in the snow.  If only it had been deeper.  When they came in, it was off to a deep sleep.”


Entry 34 ~ "Do We Eat This?" ~ Day 54 ~ 2/10/2010


Entry 35 ~ Happy Valentine's Day to All! ~ Day 58 ~ 2/14/2010

Three GONE!  Happiest two days in a breeder’s life – when they are born and when they leave!

“Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  Three puppies have gone to new homes.  Zima’s Anna Karenina of White Magic is now living with Archie, another White Magic dog.  He is a perfect gentleman greeting her.



Blizzard moved to Long Island to live with Meadow (Shalli’s daughter) and Cody, another Sam.

Casper also moved to Long Island with Jim and Michelle who were featured in an earlier editiShalli, Flurry and Powder know something is different and miss the three puppies who have gone.

This week the puppies had their eyes checked by Charles Stuhr, DVM, DAVCO, a canine ophthalmologist for eye problems.  All six passed the tests and proof will be filed with the Canine Eye Research Foundation (CERF).

That’s all for today as I run off to a special Valentine’s Day dinner at my favorite restaurant.  Goodbye from Shall, Flurry, Powder, Freckles (on his tummy), orange & purple girls (one still unsold) and Peebs, the cat.


Entry 36 ~ Last One Out the Door, All Gone!! ~ Day 65 ~ 2/21/2010

We are putting in the last puppy blog today but keeping the Samoyeds of Zima blog alive.  All six puppies are with new loving and happy families.  Seems that “finally” is the operative word.  We wish all you new puppy owners well! ….

Sandy, Flurry, Mufasa, Shalli and Powder !


Entry 37 ~ Final Mufasa x Flurry Litter Entry ~ Day 71 ~ 2/27/2010

Our puppies have gone to their new homes: Nanuq (“Bear”) lives on a farm in Delaware; Casper and Blizzard (with Meadow, a half sister) are on Long Island,

NY; Kona lives in a lovely Manhattan apartment;  Snowmageddon (“Harper” cuz she looks like a harp seal) is in New Jersey succeeding a recent Sammy loss; and Anna Karenina (Annie) is in Connecticut with cousin Archie.  Call names are in parentheses.


Reports are that Kona is very bossy and when her family pays attention to her, she is a very good girl.  She does not like being alone (such as crated or behind a gate)


It’s so nice to hear from the families and know all is well.  This closes the puppy blog for Flurry’s litter

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