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Powder’s Singleton Puppy

Powder's Puppy Diary

Entry 1 ~ Powder and Cloud Update ~ Day 15 ~ 10/1/2012

Cloud is the product of a breeding of Carrie Colliers GCh White Magic’s Ain’t GoiN Away (Crush) and my GCh Zima’s Porosha of White Magic (Powder).

 She was born on September 16, 2012. Cloud was a singleton puppy much to my surprise! I’ve never had just one puppy in umpty-ump years. Powderis a very good mother and perhaps as this is her first litter, one puppy is good practice. Cloud weighed just a pound when she was born. Now she has reached 4.5 pound ~ the product of a lot of milk!

Today Cloud actually was able to lift her walrus-like belly off the ground and take a few steps.  She still has a hippo head and her eyes are about half open.


Entry 2 ~ Cloud in Hand! ~ Day 26 ~ 10/12/2012

Below Where Did Cloud Go!?

Entry 3 ~ Cloud Climbs the Mountain ~ End of Day 26 ~10/12/2012

A smile from baby Cloud is worth a thousand words, better yet a million Sammy puppy kisses!


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