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Ch. White Magic's Shabozz

A member of our family for seven years, Shabozz came from Patty McCallum in New Jersey as a young man.  His daughter, Ch. White Magic’s Shanallee, won the breed at Westminster in 2004. Shabozz’s job  here was to train Shalli and Flurry puppies.  He did it!  He taught them how to climb stairs, how to play keep away and tug-o-war.

Shabozz’s main job was to patrol the fence line and keep 

pterodactyls out of the yard.  He enjoyed prancing down the line – or running at full speed – depending upon what threat he saw.

For the past three years til his recent passing he lived with a wonderful, warm family where he is the only dog.  Three young folks lavish love upon him and take him for wonderful walks and hikes.  We wished him well in his new home. 

“With great sadness, we share that Shabozz crossed the bridge on January 4, 2013 at age 13 and a half.  He was a grand, gentle Sammy whose major life’s work was to spread love. 

Shabozz lived with three families – his breeder, me and his last years with a family in Maryland.  While he was here, he was in charge of training all my many puppies to climb stairs, to win at tug-o-war, how  to snuggle, and how to keep peace in a house full of Sammies.  He won his battle with cancer of the jaw as a young boy although it required sacrificing  six little front teeth and his left lower canine.  You’d never know this looking at him and it never stopped his bone fervor.  He joined his very active Maryland family running with them on a regular basis until recently.

How he earned his Canine Good Citizen at age 8 was fun.  What about that old saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?  Doesn’t apply to a Sammy!  We had missed all the classes leading up to the test but the dog training center let him in to watch – oh, he was so attentive.  I asked if we could test him and they agreed.  After just watching three dogs go through the course, Bozz completed all 12 sections of the test perfectly! 

How we all loved him!  He kept his pride and energy through this Christmas season – to keep his family happy.  Then it was a short decline when he couldn’t get up and wouldn’t eat.  He was given the gift of joining his father, Shanticlaire (as great a gentleman as he), many White Magic and Zima family members.  He is now romping in fields of grass with a never ending supply of friends and bones.

We wish you a happy afterlife and miss you so.”

Sandy McDonough and June  Arney

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