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Zima's Vissolka of Summerhill

Call Name: Ice  ~  Birthday: September 11, 2010  ~  AKC:  WS38488301
Owner: John Gruen  ~  Breeder: Summerhill Samoyeds, Karin McClain and Bob Moorhouse
Sire:  Am. Can. Ch. White Magic’s Super Star of Zima  ~  Dam: Can. Ch. Kolinka’s Taneeka

Pictured above Ice spends summers in Kennebunk, Maine and winters on Sanibel Island, Florida.
Here she is posing for her many admirers.

Ice finally made the show ring...

I  Her first “lap” was very ragged; the second much improved; and the third she looked like she has been in the ring for a while.  Fortunately, Debbie Studwell really can handle a dog.

Ice has been out two weekends now – blue ribbons (only entry in class) but nothing beyond that.  She is my sloooooooo learner.

Ice arrived from Seattle to Newark via Continental Airlines Quick Pack – in a small crate.  She woke up immediately and, in a nice way, made it clear she needed to be held by a human.  NOW.  Karin McClain and Bob Moorhouse (Summerhill Kennel) drove down from Vancouver for shipping and I didn’t have to worry about importing.

After some hugging, I put her brand new White Pine orange collar / lead on and we were off across the parking lot.  I don’t know how much practice she had walking but she stayed in the “heel” position.  A little water, a few bites of food and she was asleep for the whole trip home.

My Shalli is her grand dam, Flurry is full sister to Rocky, her father (but a different litter) and Powder is a first cousin.  How would Ice fit in with these three, close girls? Well, let me tell you………..

Ice walked into the room, walked under Powder and to the center of the crowd. Not a moment of hesitation.  Announced herself with calm assurance.  The three simply responded “OK” and that was it.

Ice’s sire is Am Ch. White Magic Super Star O’Zima, call name “Rocky”, born right here in my den to Shalli. Her dam is Can. Ch. Kolinka’s Taneeka.  Both Rocky and Taneeka are descendants of Am/Can/Eng/Int Ch. Rexann’s Vintage Stock, “Broker” Shalli’s sire.

Ice has left us for the cooler weather of Maine and new owner John.  He’s owned Sammies before and agrees that Ice is the sweetest Sammy around.  She’s taken to the beach and chasing seagulls. She’ll certainly love Maine winters and she loved the ones here.  We wish the new team all the best.”

Ice enjoying her puppyhood!

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