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Ch. White Magic’s Shalamar Sherie, CGC

Ch. White Magic’s Shalamar Sherie, CGC our foundation bitch. 
This champion who gave us 38 wonderful puppies.

Call Name: Shalli  ~  Birthday: July 30, 2000  ~  AKC  WP98494101
Breeders: Carrie Parma-Collier,  Patricia McCullum ~ Owner: Sandy McDonough

Titles: CH, CGC   ~   OFA: SA-13484G31M-NOPI   ~  SA-4504 CERF

SIRE: AKC WP81281401  ~  Rexann’s Vintage Stock “Broker”
SA-13408G36F-NOPI  ~ SA-PRA83/65F-NOPI PRA  ~  CERF SA-4562

DAM: AKC WP83175201  ~  Ch. White Magic’s Sheera Sherie
SA-12269G26F-T ~ CERF SA-319

Shalli is still on a roll at 12!​

The Samoyed Club of America’s Nationals were held the last few days of September.  As “Powder”,  GCh Zima’s Porosha of White Magic, was home with one week old “Cloud”, Zima’s Every Cloud a Silver Lining ,we had to bring out great grandma “Shalli”, Ch. White Magic’s Shalamar Sherie, our 12+ veteran girl.

It was a good choice!  Judge Terry Breen gave Shalli a 2nd in Sweeps class, and Judge Edd Bivin awarded Shalli 3rd in class.

Cousin “Faith”, Ch. White Magic’s For Your Eyes Only, took Best Veteran Sweeps.  Better yet, under Judge Edd Bivin, Faith earned an Award of Merit and Best Veteran.  She’s a young one – a month under 11!   Faith won the breed at Westminster in 2010 and has not lost her classy looks.

On August 4, 2012 Shalli took a “Select” under Judge Roland Pelland at the Minuteman Samoyed Club supported entry.  INCREDIBLE NEWS !!!

As a breeder, we hope our dogs will be healthy and rewarding members of our families.  Today the biggest news arrived for Ch. White Magic’s Shalamar Sherie, CGC, our foundation bitch, who turned 12 on July 30, 2012.

Shalli needed to have her teeth cleaned and our canine dentist insists that a full health workup be completed prior a to general anesthesia on an older dog.  She went to the local Cornell University Veterinary Clinic for blood work, eye exam, ECG, chest xray and extensive physical examination.  Her prior negative PRA was helpful in the evaluation.

Shalli charmed everyone there with her silliness – impertinently refusing to “sit” – by tossing her head – and then banging her posterior on the floor with an immediate return to a really good stack.  Few believed her to be 12 as she pranced about. 

This girl had five litters with 38 healthy puppies – with champions.  She still weighs 38 pounds (yes, she’s a little girl), has a waist and luxurious coat (ask me about Life’s Abundance food).

We are very proud of Shalli and her good health.  And remind everyone of her Award of Merit under Samoyed breeder judge John Ronald earlier this year.  Shalli had not been in the ring for 8 years – and she used to show only grudgingly.  She certainly enjoyed every moment of her return!

 Sandy, Powder, and Ice congratulate Shalli and wish her many more healthy years pictured in the `12+ Veterans Class above. 

On April 7, 2012, Ch White Magic’s Shalamar Sherie, CGC took Best Veteran at the Minuteman Samoyed Club specialty.  Shalli will be 12 on July 30, 2012.  Shalli is Zima’s foundation bitch.

On April 14, 2012, GCh. Zima’s Porosha of White Magic, Shalli’s granddaughter – Powder, took the breed at the Rhode Island Kennel Club under Judge Norman Kenney – but only Best of Opposite on Sunday.

Powder also took the breed three days in a row.Springfield KC April 20th under Jean Fournier, Pioneer Valley KC under Marie Falconer, and South Windsor KC under Nancy Barrett.


Puppy Shalli on left at four months (an even younger as a baby below on photo carousel) and (right) Zima’s Chara-Jotaesn O’Wh Magic. Shalli, Chara strolling with mother, Ch. White Magic’s Shalamar Sherie, CGC. Which is the puppy? Chara means beloved one in Russian. Her Sire is Jasper. Another Jasper x Shalli litter celebrating Christmas below –  Shalli’s 5th litter born 11/11/06.

You don’t have to go through your life struggles alone. Reach out hug a Samoyed today!

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